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Visual studio 2010 windows 8 compatibility

visual studio 2010 windows 8 compatibility

It's not development I have a problem wit, h it's compatibility Windows. .
But it windows seems like a Windows 8 compatibility issue since it works perfectly in Windows. .
I wanted to windows report this to them but I couldn't find an easy way to. .
(Oh - had to delete my hard work.).You might have to tweak some things on the visual other side.If you visual try to upgrade using the upgrade paths (that cost less then the retail disc) you will get presented compatibility with this kind of screen.I only just remembered actually that I have VirtualBox and a Win7 ISO, so I'm going to try it on that first before I put it on my Win8 just to make sure that I can do what I want to do on VS2010.I keep very busy and trying to track down an quick way to communicate with MS is next to impossible. .Why would compatibility compatibility it be an issue to discuss in msdn? .Windows 7 with Visual Studio to Windows.If not, are there just a few specific functions that do not work correctly, or does it just crash and burn and become unusable?You can upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010 using.This article contains information that shows you how to fix Is Visual Studio 2010 Express compatible with Windows 8?

I did not have a Windows books 8 disc clicker or upgrade key.
Both (manually) and (automatically), In addition, this article will help you troubleshoot some common error messages related to Is Visual Studio 2010 books Express compatible with real Windows 8?
So read it here instead.
That you may receive.It does not mean it will fail.More info on Is Visual Studio 2010 Express compatible with Windows 8?If you have Is Visual Studio 2010 Express compatible with Windows 8?Download (Is Visual Studio 2010 Express compatible with Windows 8?) Repair Tool.The error description is "method or operation is not implemented" which seems to be an omission or error in an OS forticlient type file. .Can't believe I forgot about VBox.Retail Install disc only.I have spent allot of time urdu trying to find information on this.Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is not compatible with Windows 8, but Visual Studio 2010 (no service pack) is compatible.I thought somehow this would make it to the powers that be to get resolved. .I believe this is a bug that should be address. .