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Sms app with chat heads

sms app with chat heads

Breaking News, android, ninja SMS: An amazing chat heads like app for SMS.
Chat Heads heads strength chat lies in its ease of heads use.
Chat Heads Offer Alternative To SMS.While not a phrase youll want to be caught saying in public very often, the services title is self-explanatory: The faces heads of the friends youre communicating with through both text messages and Facebook with messaging appear in little movable bubbles that follow you to any app.Like other alternative messaging services, Facebook heads Message is free, imposes no character limits and offers easy multimedia sharing.Arsene WP Theme by, bright with Theme.Theres no app to launch or multi-tasking menu bar to flip through.Developer, nD android app chat head sms, copyright 2016 Tech Cookies Everything about Android and much more.By not having to define itself as a texting alternative, an email-killer or an AOL IM revival service, Facebook Message exists as all three simultaneously, depending on whom you happen to be talking.After two years of growth, Facebook Message is now a platform to be reckoned with, and therein lays Chat Heads true power.Not only chat does it build-in an already viable alternative to the many messaging apps currently on the market, but it also manages to do for Facebook and Android what iMessage does for Apple and iOS.

Minimize to circle, the app support, emoji to make your text message nicer.
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The author aggiornamento give you the possibility to buy pro version that will give you additional features like backup SMS, transfer them to another device, change font and change chat together head shape.
You can place the chat bubble anywhere on your display, or just flick it away when you need after the screen real estate for something else.As an iPhone user, Id love the opportunity to try Facebook Home, if only to check out Chat Heads.Perhaps the most intriguing indonesia announcement to come out of the Facebook Home unveil last Thursday was the social networks overhaul of messaging, called Chat Heads.In other words, Chat Heads give Facebook a subtle way to nudge users away from SMS and towards its own platform without bahasa seeming like the same evil overlord that changed all its members default email address last summer.Add its visual attractiveness, ability to handle heads multiple conversations and flexibility as an email-text-IM hybrid and its easy to see how powerful Chat Heads could.(See also, is Apples iMessage Killing Texting After All?Of course, Zuckerberg would love to have an Apple version of Facebook Home, but that ball is in Cupertinos court.This move finally windows establishes Facebook Message as a serious chat player in the field of SMS-killers, and the most disruptive one to date. .While many messaging services like to promote themselves as seamless, allowing for anytime, anywhere messaging, Chat Heads can actually back up that claim.But even on Android alone, Facebook Home and Chat Heads could soon be the biggest, baddest new player in the messaging wars.You can now read and reply quickly from the app you are.Apple hasnt commented, but history has not been kind to moves that could wrest ecosystem control away from the Apple.Heres an amazing app perfect for that : Ninja SMS, how often are you playing a game or using an app and you receive a text message?If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

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Heres the link to download the app: App Name.