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Routing bits handbook rs v4.41

Keep up the bits good work.
Keep up the good work and hope to see more handbooks in other handbook tracks.
There are handbook references to Cisco Doc-CD locations at the start of routing every topic.
Today I had a interview and by using bits this notes I did well.Not only that it covers the whole blueprint but it is a very good tool for my day routing to day work.If you have 20 minutes on the train, at the dentist etc you can just dip into it to review a few commands for a technology.I love the way that you present the notes, almost like a study aid we call flash cards, and for the theory items that require memorization or at least great familiarity, they are invaluable.Best of luck and thanks again!A good friend at a bootcamp (also a ccie now) recommended.Your product is much better than the quicksheets I purchased routing from Cisco, a year ago.Peter (Australia) I use your Short Notes everyday.Its extremely useful for reviewing routing the configuration, verification and troubleshooting of all the relevant technologies involved in the lab.Configure has recommended with 5 ping scale, this is the best notes I ever have.For me there are three great plus points for this handbook over any other Cisco book.The exam was easy thanks to your holygrail of networking.

I cakewalk seriously larsson recommend it serious as a compliment tattoo to practice workbooks as INE material.
Victor Holmin (UK cCIE # 40910, your Handbook absolutely made a difference in dimension the way I studied and in passing the exam.
A lot of studying went into this exam, and would like to thank beautiful and understanding wife 2 kids.Best money Ive spent in a long time.Thanks to you Ruhann, for your guidance and your notes which brought everything together the last 2-3 days before the exam.Priced at 98 the material in this book is well worth the price tag.When I was doing some workbooks I was also reading the notes I printed and I carried them dimension everywhere!I thought of the handbook as a mini-docCD and loved. .Every chapter is just as clear and cut.Shashank (India) I am quite happy with the stuff you put across.This was a major turning point for me because QoS was the greatest challenge I faced.At the end, the notes will be burned into your head and I can netobject now tell you every examples that Ruhann wrote in his notes.Doc-CD Locations game really makes it easier for one to navigate and get to a technology page in Doc-CD without much efforts.I passed yesterday in Dubai.Sorin Platon (Canada) Thanks for the excellent product. .If you want to see the book there is a sample chapter available on his site here.