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Rosetta stone german language

rosetta stone german language

The student is meant to rosetta repeat the spoken words and phrases for practice and memorization.
A weakness of stone the program is also that it is made for a global audience.
One final observation about the Migros online test, which I took prior to the Rosetta, and following.
Overall, I'm very pleased to have done this course, it has saved me weeks of time and hundreds if language not thousands of franks in comparative courses at Migros.First, to really benefit, you language need to have a grasp of basic grammatical concepts such as tenses, genders, cases, rosetta and sentence structure.But my point is that the distraction should be relevant to what is being learnt.I have discovered that it will give you a B2 result only if you get a maximum 2 out of the 36 questions wrong.The complete course consists of 3 levels, each containing language 4 german units of 4 lessons.You learn by repetetion, but if there's too much of it you get bored.Weve eliminated german the traditional approach of using translation and grammar rules, empowering you to think in your new language.

In fact, repetition is full both a strength and a weakness of the program.
I highly recommend the course, but with caveats.
But the program is far from perfect, and I'm really only recommending it home so highly because language german it is such good value, not because it is without fault.For a start, there are typos and things being spoken that don't match the text, I came across three or setup four server such occurences.Thankfully nothing that would affect your learning.I was going to post a new thread about Rosetta Stone, but now I've found this old thread, so I'm posting here, to add to what others have said.There, I hope language someone on this fine forum file finds this of use!