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Ritchie valens mother concepcion reyes

ritchie valens mother concepcion reyes

In valens fact, the day of Ritchie's death, February 3, 1959 was confirmed as "World Music Death Day".
Is a local ritchie reyes recording company Del-Fi Records, which at that time played a big role Ritchie name, especially after the "Hi-Tone" -nicked Rithie-no.
Valens was inducted concepcion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in mother 2001.The song "Oh Donna" was written by Ritchie about his girlfriend, Donna reyes Ludwig, whom she first concepcion met in school.Since childhood, Ritchie is living a hard life.Ritchie had just returned to his mother's house when his father died.He was encouraged by his father to take up guitar and trumpet, and later taught himself the drums.Ritchie Valens was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist.As portrayed in La Bamba movie in 1987, where Lou Diamond Phillips actor role as Ritchie, look how hard the struggle of a Ritchie Valens in reaching his dream.

What's interesting, though, is the story behind Ritchie's next single, "Oh Donna which was released in unison with "La Bamba" in October 1958.
Saras ancestors were early Californian settlers from Mexico who were mulattos and mestizos.
Ritchies maternal grandmother was Refugia Lopez (the daughter of hirens Refugio López and Eduviges Yáñez).
Remarkably again, when he died, Ritchie did not yet have a city recording album.
At that time, the song jumped to second place in the US national charts.In fact, he must make his create own electric guitar armed with a used amplifier, which he found in the trash!Place of Death: Clear Lake, Iowa, United States.Followed by freshers a second album, Ritchie and third, In Concert at windows Pacoima.Ritchie's first album was released a month after his death.The song "Come On, Let's Go became Ritchie's first single under Bob dragon Keane's touch.Ritchies paternal grandparents were Marciano Valenzuela and Maria Agripina Ponce (the daughter of Luis Ponce and Maria Antonia Sara Lugo).He re-strung the instrument, and taught Ritchie the fingerings quicktime of some chords.