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Kuroko's basketball episode 50

kuroko's basketball episode 50

While Kise perfects his copy, Touou is able to widen their lead; The second quarter ending with the basketball score 34-43.
Kagami did not appear in the opening of the Winter Cup, kurokos as apparently basketball he had forgotten about the time difference between California and Japan.
The individual members of the team begin to undergo rapid growth in strength episode and ability.
45 20 "Of Course It's Not Easy" Transcription: "Karui mono na Hazunaidar" ( Japanese : ) February 23, 2014 While the match between Seirin and Nakamiya South progresses, at Touou Academy's library, Imayoshi and Susa discussed about Seirin's possibility of winning the match while studying.
Having episode avoided using his injured leg, Kagami's episode other leg begins to act up from the extra stress put on it and as a result Kagami is benched for episode the remaining 2 days of the tournament.Kagami re-enters the zone.Akashi pairs up against Kagami and Akashi takes control of the game until Mitobe's defense breaks the flow.Kise also stops Kuroko's Phantom Shot, which only makes Kuroko more excited.Midorima gets permission to take every shot during the entire second quarter, pushing Shutoku's lead to 15-27.In the last few seconds, Kuroko and Kagami score with an alley-oop, beating Kaijou, 100-98.Kaij's match is not shown in the end credits.The team entrusts their hopes with Hyuga and Kagami.Kuroko's Basketball is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the same episode name by Tadatoshi Fujimaki.Will Seirin take the game and proceed further in the Winter Cup?

Seirin starts to use the same full court 2-3 man-to-man defense like what Yosen uses, windows but Himuro and Murasakibara are survey easily able to overcome.
Hyuga makes a steal and the ball finds Kiyoshi, who again is triple teamed.
Kaijo becomes the lead with a score of 78-77.Kiyoshi Teppei, the former ace and founder of the Seirin basketball team, returns from having been in episode hospital, and gives some episode words of encouragement to Kuroko and challenges Kagami to a one-on-one match to see who will play starting power forward ace for Seirin.Having heard Kiyoshi's story, the first years are determined to support their seniors.In the next possession for Touou, Aomine swiftly goes past Kagami and the latter cannot even react at windows all.Fourth quarter begins with Touou 31 points in without the lead, 82-51.Kuroko is subbed basketball out for Mitobe.Kirisaki Dai Ichi get away with rough and dirty moves in the referee's blind spots.