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The other issues you'll need to guestbook be more specific as to what you're trying to do (and in what way your current code isn't working).
This script uses script mysql connecting string to connect code to the database, MySql insert query to enter data to the database and MySql select query to get the data from the database.
The first part is the simple form displaying required inputs for the visitors to enter.
Using a basic knowledge of php mysql script and keeps your visitors number to database for analysis.We will start with the form form methodpost actionadd_p table border'0' cellspacing'0' cellpadding'0' aligncenter script width300 tr td font face'Verdana' size'2' Your Name typetext tr face'Verdana' size'2' Email typetext tr td font face'Verdana' typetext tr bgcolor#f1f1f1 td colspan2 aligncenter textarea namedtl rows5 tr td colspan2 aligncenter.You need to use the correct index for each of the values (0 for name, 1 for email, guestbook 2 for comment).You can code customize the form to suit your design and requirements.This script uses MySQL database to store the data entered by the visitors.Create table name "guestbook" in database "test".Now we will learn the PHP code part of the guestbook.Or even better, use something like: list(name, email, comment) explode guestArrayi That way you have meaningful variable names.Step2: Create file p # Code table width"400" border"0" align"center" cellpadding"3" cellspacing"0" tr td strong Test Sign Guestbook /strong /td /tr /table table width"400" border"0" align"center" cellpadding"0" cellspacing"1" bgcolor guestbook cccccc" tr form id"form1" name"form1" method"post" action"p" td table width"400" border"0" cellpadding"3" cellspacing"1" bgcolor ffffff".Mysql_connect host "username "password or die cannot connect server mysql_select_db db_name or die cannot select DB datetimedate y-m-d h:i:s /date time sql"insert into tbl_name(name, email, comment, datetime)values name 'email 'comment 'datetime resultmysql_query(sql /check if query successful if(result) echo "Successful echo " BR / link.

Name patch and email address are compulsory and in the second part this games form submits data to the add_p page.
Creating a simple PHP guestbook, creating simple PHP guestbook.
This script has three parts.
I can see at phoenix least one issue though - your patch links have?action but your skidrow switch statement is looking at _GET'submit skidrow not _GET'action'.Creates your own counter script.Form validation and storing games data for the guestbook Download the ZIP file here guest_book.You can keep the form in different pages and submit the data to one common php code processing the guestbook data.Download the script at the end of this page to learn how to develop a guestbook for your web site.Overview, in this tutorial, we have to create 3 files.