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Gta v title update 26

Fixed update an issue with the Buckingham Pyros landing gear state not displaying correctly to title other players in the session when damaged.
Fixed a update crash that was caused by too many ambient aircrafts spawning in session at update once.
Grand Theft Auto V update update.26 is now available to download in PlayStation 4, Xbox title One and.
People are encouraged to register and participate title in on-going discussions.
Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to enter their MOC.Fixed an issue where players were not automatically put into the Transform/Special Race Creator when selecting those options.Fixed an issue where no yellow ring would appear around Land Checkpoints in test mode.The Doomsday Heist has been added to GTA Online.Fixed issues with the transformation of vehicles when scrubbing through recorded Rockstar Editor clips of Transform Races.Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, release Date April 2, 2015, game Edition Next Gen.

Fixed an issue that basic resulted episode in Defend Missions to canvas not launch correctly.
Fixed an issue that resulted in players to experience erratic camera angles after requesting a update personal vehicle while in an aircraft.
Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting kicked out of the title passenger seat of a vehicle when trying to drive into the MOC.
Fixed smadav an issue in WVM Work Dispute that caused the mission to get stuck when launching.
Fixed an issue in Heist Prison Break Pilot that resulted in players incorrectly failing the mission by alerting an agent.You can also select the Penthouse's color palette and patterns, and decorate the place with a range of modern art from the Casino Store.Fixed an alignment issue with the weapon stats bars on the weapon wheel.PC, update.01, notes, update.02.New Master Penthouse property, the, casino Penthouse (Master Penthouse) has been added to GTA Online.Fixed issues that resulted in players getting stuck when trying to enter/exit their Hangar.Fixed issues with Personal Aircraft spawns inside the Hangar.Fixed an issue in Adversary Mode Motor Wars where more full than the max amount of players allowed on one team would display on the Team Select screen.Fixed an issue that resulted in players to incorrectly receive Cargo in their Hangar for participating in missions for their Org leader.Fixed an issue that resulted in outfit styles to stop applying to the CEO following the removal of Ballistic Equipment.Fixed an issue that caused the Mammoth Tula to be propelled forwards after entering the bomb bay camera.Lesters Remove Wanted Level ability is now basic free upon completion of the Doomsday Heist.Fixed an issue with hand positions on the flight stick of the Howard NX-25 aircraft that may occur when playing as a female character.