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Gpf statement 2011 12 andhra pradesh

A subscriber can cancel a nomination by sending a notice in writing to pradesh the pradesh Head of Office/Prl.
From the GPF statement schedules and GPF payment vouchers received in the monthly accounts rendered by the Treasury Officers, the Prl.
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Acknowledgments would be provided both via SMS pradesh statement and e-mail, along with status updates via SMS.No.3 of Finance and Pension II Department dated.1.07, interest is to be allowed up to a maximum of 6 months after the month in which such amount became payable.g.Various State Governments have adopted NPS architecture and implemented NPS with effect from different statement dates.Recovery of Temporary Advance The advances are recoverable from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly installments as the sanctioning authority may direct, but such number shall not be less than 12, unless the subscriber so elects, and not more than.

Final withdrawal (closure) Final withdrawal of accumulation is permitted syria When subscriber quits the service (on retirement, dismissal, resignation, compulsory retirement, removal etc.) In case of death while in service How to Apply for Closure?
Reasons for discontinuance of subscriptions should be given (i.e.
turkey The missing debit will be posted if the amount is unposted in the records of this para office.If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or employee, you are hereby cautioned turkey that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is prohibited.If you have syria received this e-mail in error, please delete this mail crack and notify us immediately at " The new developments in the EDP environment of Funds Group are listed below for consideration and inclusion in the PAGs website.Sanctioning Authority should be two levels above the person syria to whom advances or part final withdrawals are sanctioned.Non-Refundable Advance / Part-Final Withdrawal (PFW) Non-Refundable Advance is to be applied in the form prescribed Conditions for Sanction of Non-Refundable Advances Part-Final Withdrawals may be sanctioned by an authority competent to dismiss the subscriber at any time after the completion of twenty years.SMS :- PAGs office has also introduced SMS facility to send messages of GPF account related information to all the subscribers who have registered their mobile number with this Office.

To meet the cost of purchasing a motor-car.
To meet expenses in connection with the prolonged illness of the subscriber or any person actually dependant on him; To pay for the overseas passage for reasons of health gpf statement 2011 12 andhra pradesh or education, or to meet the cost of higher education of the subscriber or any person.
Conditions for Eligibility, the following categories of staff of the Govt.