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Generals zero hour 1.04 crack

Carpet bomber- now has hour to be activated in the generals experience menu (Level hour 1 experience point).
Cannon (salvage generals upgrade) damage now has different properties.
Supply drop zone- now displays upgrade cameo for supply lines.
China tank general.
Decreased health from 350 to 300.Version.01 December, 2003 Issues addressed:.Important update hour from THE battlefield 2003 Electronic Arts crack Inc.Adjusted chat sound effect Tweaked the audio cue zero zero for the communicator to only alert users to an generals incoming chat message.Health increased from 430 to 500.Bomb damage radius increased from 70 to 100.

Workers stopping- fixed larsson architects the problem that would cause.
Fixed the bug where the map would become slightly larsson uncovered when building an avenger.
Decreased included Tank Hunters from 4.
NEW command line parameters Added -quickstart and -mod command line parameters to the Zero Hour executable.Bomb mplayer damage increased from 900 to 1000.Bomb truck- now displays windows upgrade cameo for driver cheat Anthrax Beta.Damage increases when purchasing AP Bullets after the second salvage upgrade.Decreased slots from 10.Comanches- now get the red rocket trails when they achieve heroic rank.Battle drone- reduced drone armor upgrade from 50.Decreased price from 2400 to 2000.Paladin- now displays the upgrade cameo for hellfire drone.Secondary attack range decreased apprentice from 100.Firebase- Armor adjusted to be vulnerable to snipers and immune to melee and laser damage.Hackers now resume hacking after the Microwave Tank has stopped.Benefits from drone armor upgrade granting 25 bonus.

USA superweapon general.
Helix- now displays upgrade cameo for nuke bomb.
Armor increased from 430 to 500.