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This also includes the legion player and legions as well.
The main feature that lends originality to the series is the addition of the.
Hard Mode, game edit, hard Mode legion is only unlocked by beating Normal Mode.
ActionTrip (1 September 2004).
At first, legion Arcia chaos mentions that the Maidens were in tough pursuit of Victor; thus, when she learns that Sieg is also searching for the same game person, she decides to tag along.T (10 September 2003).Sieg takes more damage from enemy attacks, but the difference is only noticeable when enemies combo Sieg.You may also hold the most Recovery items in your inventory.It is arguably the hardest difficulty in the game, even harder than Super Mode.Sieg eventually catches up and subsequently teams up with her once more after he consoles her.During his quest, Sieg encounters a member of the "Maidens chaos of the Silver" fighting a monster alone after other Maidens are killed.Sieg and Arcia meet Victor several times: each time to have a little more on information of Victors plan revealed, but unavailable of stopping him from obtaining the Three Sacred Glyphs.In his uncontrollable rampage, he almost killed Sieg, but Siela withheld the mortal wound, and Victor drove his sword straight through, piercing her chest.You are only allowed to carry 33 less Recovery items in this mode than in Easy Mode.

While the legions are inactive, Sieg can perform a sort of "special attack" called an "Assist Attack" which causes a legion to ipad appear and player attack with him.
Contents show, the gameplay is legion primarily action-oriented.
Victor chaos decides to trial punish Sieg first: by killing Arcia, forcing her to do it with her own gun after gaining manipulation over her body, since it seems that she is close to Sieg.
Because of this lack of trust, Arcia briefly loses her faith in Sieg and sets off to find Victor instrumentation alone.
With Siegs help, Arcia Rinslet, the sole survivor, manages to escape death.Armageddon as the Purification of the World: whereupon he plans to use relentless hordes of hideous monsters to cleanse the world of sinners by obtaining the "Three Sacred Glyphs" and releasing Azrail.Chaos Legion, which are supernatural creatures that fight alongside the player.The demon resisted and decided that, instead of being banished once more, it would possess a human: Siela; Victor tried to protect Siela, but was possessed instead.Later, it is revealed that Arcia has held a grudge against Victor for the murder of her brother.When he came back to his senses, he believed Sieg to had committed the murder Sielas dying words to Sieg, beforehand, were: Take care of Delacroix -this being the reason why Sieg cant directly kill his friend.In the beginning of the plot, Victor feels that Sieg was responsible for the death of his lover, Siela wealthy Riviere, three years ago (prior to the events in the story which take place in the mentioned time and has the intent on bringing Sieg into.Back in the present time, Victor decides to end his own life, much to Siegs dismay -the patch only way to break Azrails seal is to kill the person who last created the seal or perform a secret ritual sacrifice described in the forbidden book, Apocrypha.M (1 September 2003).After all the chaos, Sieg mounts a tribute to Victor and Siela, and mourns over the loss of his two best friends, but Arcia cheers him up and relieves him.It is quite unforgiving to play; there is quite a difference, in terms of difficulty, between it and Normal Mode.

Victor breaks the seal by game chaos legion mf sacrificing himself.
It takes quite some skill to master.
This mode is available from the beginning of the game, selectable after choosing the New Game option from the Start Menu.