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Fairy tail 175 episode

fairy tail 175 episode

Wondering if Lucy remembers any of the happenings of the fourth of July, Levy scribes that many people she loved died, eventually breaking down and pleading for someone to help her.
From the infirmary, Lucy wonders about Natsu's safety, though Carla, Wendy, Evergreen, Elfman and Porlyusica quickly state fairy their belief in both of Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers.
Having disposed of Gajeel through the use of a mining cart, Natsu turns to confront both.
From there, both Sabertooth Mages continue to stand, repetitively fairy attacking Natsu from every direction as tail the Fire Dragon Slayer continuously blocks tail their attacks.As he wonders where he could possibly be, the Iron Dragon Slayer suddenly comes across a huge cavern, fairy shocked into silence to find that it fairy is filled with a great number of Dragon skeletons.The anime added a conversation between Gray, Erza, Happy and Natsu, and later with Lucy in the infirmary.After the two talk for a bit, Levy wonders where Gajeel is, the Dragon Slayer himself still walking below the arena, wondering why it would be filled with Dragon skeletons.Carla's premonition and the scene of Levy writing were moved.In the stands, members of Fairy Tail and those familiar with Natsu all watch him on Lacrima screens, remembering his fairy ferocity and undying nature when he battles for his friends.As all the guild members celebrate the successful fourth day, darker comings present themselves, Gajeel finding a Dragon graveyard below the.

As everyone praises Natsu for his victory, Natsu comments that it is only the beginning, and, together, the Mages vow to unite and make Fairy Tail the number one guild in Fiore once more.
Gajeel finding the dragon graveyard was moved.
Glancing back at the device recording the fight for the Lacrima screens, Sting seems to hear Lector's cries from the crowd, and together he and Rogue stand, taking on english a new aliens stance as their Magic swirls out and builds up behind them.
As the moon rises over Crocus, Jellal follows the hooded figure, and, when he believes they screensaver are away from prying eyes, removes his bandanna to reveal his face, approaching and asking them to do romance the same.Trivia This is the final episode of the original Fairy Tail anime series.Dragon Force, screaming that nothing is more powerful than it as he once again rushes Natsu.Zeref 's malicious Magic.With the fourth day declared to be over, all of the other teams make new goals for the final day, that being to defeat Fairy Tail.Team Fairy Tail to first place.Sting and, rogue alone, causing his guild members english in the crowd to cheer wildly for him, whilst those from Sabertooth frown upon the sudden change in events.Below the arena, Sting once again fires up his.The sequencing of events was severely changed in the anime: Yukino's conversation with a guard was moved.Characters in Order of Appearance Battles Events Magic, Spells, and Abilities used Magic used Spells used Abilities used Manga Anime Differences In the anime, extensions Lucy tail was shown having a conversation with Evergreen, Elfman, Porlyusica, Wendy and Carla.