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Excel 2010 drop down list multiple cells

excel 2010 drop down list multiple cells

Simply click in cells the list cell where you excel want to have the cells drop-down multiple list.
You can also select a range of excel cells, or the entire column.
Editing a drop-down menu based down on a range of cells If you have created a drop-down box by specifying a range of cells rather than referencing a named range, then proceed in the following way.
If you are not sure what title or message text to type, you can leave the fields empty.In the Data Validation window, on the Settings tab, select the " Apply down these changes to all other cells with the same settings " check box.Once you check it, all of the cells referencing this Excel Data Validation list will get selected, as you can see in the screenshot below.Video, data entry is quicker and more accurate when you restrict values in a cell to choices from a drop-down list.For the drop-down list from another workbook to work, the workbook with the source list must be open.If the list is not large, you can easily refer to it and type the entries directly into the data validation tool.In step 5, when configuring your drop-down list, instead of typing the range's name, click on the Collapse Dialog icon next to the Source box, and select all cells with the entries you want to include in your drop-down list.The main advantage of dynamic drop-down lists is that you won't have to change the reference to the named range every time after editing the source list.Why you may want to use a table?Create a named range.All drop-down boxes based on this named range will get updated automatically.

Excel Data Validation does not work The Data Validation option is greyed out or disabled?
MsgBox serial objDataRangeStart, msgBox objDataRangeEnd with Worksheets Sheet2 range(objDataRangeStart, objdatarangaeend).Name "rangename end With ' ' Set Validation On Required autorun Cell 'Set objCell wsDestList.
You can either edit them manually or click the Collapse Dialog icon.Now, Excel users simply click an arrow next to serial a cell containing a dropdown box, and then select the entry they want from the drop down menu.If you select the whole column, a drop down menu will be created in each cell of that column, which is a real time-saver, for example, when you are creating a questionnaire.The remover keygen drop down list should be in Column F of Sheet1 where there is information on Column E of Sheet1 and repeat until the end of the list.How do I prevent this without using Excel 2007 for the 2007 file only and Excel 2010 for the 2010 file only?Select the entries autorun you want to appear in your autorun drop-down menu in an existing worksheet or type the entries in a new sheet.Solution, you create a validation list from another worksheet give a range name to that validation list(in sheet2) and use that as the formula.Press return or click the, expand button to restore the dialog box, and then click.However, you can allow your users to enter their own values.Then you can use the entries as the source for your drop-down list of data.Click the Close button, and then in the confirmation message that appears, click Yes to save your changes.Set wsSourceList Sheets Sheet2 set wsDestList Sheets Sheet1 set objDataRangeStart wsSourceList.Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip.Open the worksheet containing your named range, gossip delete or type new entries.You can help people work more efficiently in worksheets by using drop-down lists in cells.