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Convert units of measure worksheet

5 C.
6.22 m _ cm 18a.
3 cm 15 Measuring Worksheet 11 Convert the measuring units as indicated.
72 cm 8a m 8b.4 mi.Distance between two cities?2 C oz 15b mi ft 15c measure km m 16a.Teach students how to convert between seconds, minutes, hours, and days.Using these sheets will help your child understand how to: read measure scales in both the standard and metric systems; read worksheet a convert scale going units up convert in a range measure of fractions: halves, quarters and eighths; read a scale going up in tenths, fives, tens, fifties, and hundreds.

Students will make a table to list all data of the conversion factors they might need.
500 cm _.
8 L 19 Measuring Worksheet 13 Convert the measuring units as indicated.
12 C pt 14c.Label answers with the appropriate unit of measure.5 mi _ yd windows 10b.1 mi.3 mi _.8800 yd windows _ mi 10b.Assign additional practice if necessary.The United States follows an older system of measurement referred to as the Imperial system of measurement.210 ml 4b ml 5a L 5b ml 6a L 6b kg windows 7a kg 7b L 8a kg 8b product kg 9a g change 9b kg 10a kg 10b kg 21 Measuring Worksheet 15 Convert the measuring units as indicated.8691 m _.1 leawo m.8.625 mi _.Group projects are included in addition to numerous individual activities.7 kg g 8a ml L 8b g kg 9a ml.

Converting Metric convert units of measure worksheet Units: Length, Weight Volume.
Step 6 Have students work individually on solving word problems that involve units of measure.