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Whilst VLC may be more commonly-used, many users cite media MPC's player ability to play flawless 4K videos as the reason that they use it more frequently version than VLC.
There are a number of similar lightweight alternatives for Mac users, mimicking the lightweight style and latest performance of Media Player Classic.
Media Player Classichelp and info, what is Media Player Classic?
Will Media Player Classic run on Mac?It has been developed by Casimir666 and its media earliest versions have been improved significantly by adding various modern features.Many users choose MPC over Quicktime or Windows Media Player, for example.MPC player is a totally free program, originally designed by Gabest but now maintained by a community of developers; who also issue regular updates.Its extensive customization latest options, speed, and compatibility make it a must-have on any Windows computer.It plays videos smoothly on not-so-powerful devices, even at high resolutions.All this is possible without needing further configuration or additional software.The latest versions of this player show some improvements, compared to earlier versions.Download: Version.8.7 (latest version) (July 17th 2019 source Code: GitHub (clsid2 are you looking for an alternative to MPC-HC because you think development has stopped?Indeed, MPC is a favourite amongst users with older player systems or with notebooks, tablets and other low-resource solutions.MPC - HC renders various audio, video and image formats, such as: WMA, WAV, OGG, MP3, AU, SND, AIF, aiff, aifc, mpeg, midi, MP2, MPG, AC3, VOB, ASX, DTS, PLS, WAX, M3U, WM, WMV, AVI, CDA, JPG, jpeg, PNG, GIF, BMP, MP4, D2V, MOV, FLV.

As you can see, there are 3 versions of latest MPC-Home Cinema available for media download : - the official one, developed and media compiled.
These are unmodified (vanilla) MPC-HC builds from the Git master branch.
Apart from user friendliness, you will enjoy another series of advantages, too.Other features remain unchanged compared to previous releases: tearing removal, playing tutorial and recording television (provided that a TV tunner is installed Shuttle PN31 remote control support, language translations, creating a minidump when the program crashes.This open source approach allows users to take advantage of a collective of experienced developers, without paying a premium for the privilege.Cut and Split MP3 Audio, popular downloads.News, facebook bulks up group privacy settings.Home Cinema is one of two fork of the main program, which brings new features and fixes some outstanding bugs.New apps, multimedia for Windows, media Management Companion, free and Powerful Video Editing Software.MPC-HC is easy to use and you will accommodate immediately player with this software tool.If your media computer runs Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,.1 or 10 - and has an SSE2-capable CPU; then you won't have dreamweaver any troubles in successfully running tutorial MPC.For instance, LAV Filters and MediaInfoLib have been updated.Most modern computers and laptops will run MPC, as it is designed to be lightweight and widely usable.With the community-led development and maintenance of MPC, it is commonly thought-of as safer than the bigger players in the market; as it can react more quickly and efficiently to bugs, viruses and malware.

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Is Media Player Classic as good as VLC Media Player?
As the name suggests, Home Cinema is optimised for movies.